Brown Teeth

You don’t know I’m listening. Douchebag! You put on airs, as if you are so amazing and kind. Ha! Ha! Well, the woman you are speaking to is attractive. Maybe she’ll buy your bullshit. The one you are after right now is just like all the exes you are complaining about. After you hit on me just to ask to see if I’ll get your damned work schedule.
I can see that your teeth are brown from all the shit coming out your mouth.
And you….you don’t even know!


I keep having weird dreams. Like about my exes. And lovers that I’ve never met. Like exes from yyyeeeeeaaarrrsss ago that I will most likely never speak to or see ever again. And then the one that I must still love, or, more likely, since I am single and it appears that I will be that way for quite some time, that I need some kind of romantic outlet that is not being satisfied in my waking life.

See, I have major issues with self-esteem and body image. Being overweight, and female, well, I pretty much have zero value to most of modern society, and the men I DO attract, are usually bastards looking for a quick fuck whilst they dream of Emma Watson Look-a-likes, which given the chance, no matter how much they “love” me, would drop me on my ass in a heartbeat.

It fucking hurts. I’m not ugly. However, my finances are shitty and I live with my parents and have a crappy car. I barely make above minimum wage at my job, and lack the skills to get a better one. Ooooh baby, who’s gonna want that. Even with my less-than-desirable looks, I lack anything else that would bring me a good, loving relationship. I wouldn’t date a loser like me, why should I expect anyone else to?

I feel as if I was hot, none of that other stuff would matter. Or that if I had the other stuff, my looks wouldn’t matter. I have nothing to offer anyone. NOTHING.

It sucks,.

No wonder I’m always tossed aside, for either a literal or fantastical side chick.

Fuck it.